Haberlandt (w/blablabLAB)
Haberlandt acts as a biotechnological vending machine by growing and maintaining an algae in a super optimized and continuous production state. Haberlandt is designed to sustain any suspension culture, currently consisting on Spirulina algae (Arthrospira Platensis). Biological conditions are maintained troughout the system via a processor. Inputs are measured and sent to the processor and an output is executed generating a negative feedback that allows for constant conditions and thus for the survival and reproduction of the algae. Thus turning this system into a cybernetical organism. Haberlandt produces, stores and delivers in the same place, reducing the environmental impact by localizing all the logistics involved in a traditional vending in situ. By spherificating the dose it avoids the use of any packaging, since it is a self-containing format where the package is the actual product to be consumed. Obtaining the dose offers more than a large supply of proteins and vitamins with a tiny ecological footprint, it is a pleasant or unpleasant initiation ritual to a sustainable future: meeting the Haberlandt hints to a speculative bifurcation in the path of the visitor. Honory Mention in the category of [The Next Idea] in Ars Electronica 2011. Created by the blablabLAB collective (Raul Nieves, Triambak Saxena, Moises Caminal & Gerard Rubio) 2011